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Daniil 克维亚特 获得了Toro Rosso的惊喜升职’s F1 squad for the 2014赛季.


托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso) had given 克维亚特 his first run in an F1 car at the Silverstone Young 车手’2013年7月进行测试。仅三个月后,他被确认为 丹尼尔·里卡多(Daniel Ricciardo)’s replacement for the following season. That made 克维亚特 the second Russian driver to gain a place in F1 following 维塔利·彼得罗夫(Vitaly Petrov)’s 铅。

克维亚特 was born in Ufa, 1,000km east of the Russian capital Moscow. He began karting at the age of eight and by 2010 he’d向赛车运动过渡,参加了Formula BMW锦标赛。

在新西兰任职之后’在他的丰田赛车系列赛中,他回到欧洲参加了雷诺方程式2.0比赛。他结束了在北欧杯第二名的成功首秀赛季,仅次于Sainz Jnr,并且在欧洲杯系列赛中排名第三。

In 2012 he claimed the Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS title following a controversial final-round clash with Norman Nato. 克维亚特 went into the final race at the Circuit de Catalunya three points ahead in the championship, but when Nato tried to pass him for the lead on lap three the pair collided and retired, handing 克维亚特 the title.

The Eurocup championship was also settled in a final-round decider at the Circuit de Catalunya, but this time 克维亚特 missed out. This was despite title rival Stoffel Vandoorne retiring early on, leaving 克维亚特 needing only to convert his pole position start into a podium finish to claim the crown.

However 克维亚特 was handed a drive-through penalty for changing his tyres too late on the grid before the race started as the field hedged their bets on a damp track. Worse, the wet weather tyres he had changed to proved unsuitable as the track dried and he fell to eighth at the chequered flag. Although 克维亚特 had scored seven wins to his rival’第四,更一致的Vandoorne赢得了10分。


被确认为托罗·罗索之后’s new driver 克维亚特 won the GP3 title in the next race in Abu Dhabi, beating rival Facu Ragalia with one race to spare.

克维亚特 also made a successful debut in European F3, taking a podium finish in his first weekend at Hockenheim. He returned to take three pole positions and three second place finishes at the 红牛 Ring, then scored a victory at Zandvoort, one of only two races that year won by a Volkswagen-powered driver.

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托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso)


Daniil 克维亚特, 托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso), Albert Park, 2014

克维亚特 acquitted himself well with his promotion to F1 and had already earned a continued stay at 托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso) when the opportunity for further advancement arose. When 塞巴斯蒂安·维特尔 decided to leave 红牛 for Ferrari, 克维亚特 was promoted in place of the world champion, and instead of his more experienced team mate Jean-Eric Vergne.

Although Vergne scored more points during the course of the season, 克维亚特’的排位记录更好。两位驾驶员都长期遭受STR9尤其是雷诺动力装置的不可靠性的困扰。

Nonetheless 克维亚特 scored points on his debut in Australia, becoming the youngest driver ever to do so at the time, and reached Q3 on his first visit to Monaco.

Extra attention surrounded him when F1 made its first visit to Russia and 克维亚特 delivered with his best qualifying performance yet, lining up fifth. However in the race both drivers struggled with their tyres.


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克维亚特 out-scored new team mate 丹尼尔·里卡多(Daniel Ricciardo) 在红牛队的队友的第一个赛季中,尽管他有时会喜欢果岭,尤其是当球队在摩纳哥和匈牙利获得最高分时。

The team had a frustrating start to the season and if matters improved at all over the coming months they did so only very slowly. 克维亚特 failed to start the first race of the year in Australia due to a gearbox problem, and five races in he was yet to improve on his highest finish from the 托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso) days.


他今年的最佳比赛是在匈牙利–仅次于维特尔’s Ferrari. By his own admission it was a generous reward for one of his less impressive drives, but the counterpoint to that came in Singapore where two Safety Car appearances confined him to sixth. But it had been a solid first year with a top team, and 克维亚特’的服务被适当保留。


They were not retained for very long. 克维亚特 got his season off to a bad start when he struggled with the short-lived elimination qualifying format, producing sub-par results on the two occasions it was used.

他到达领奖台的中国情况有所改善。但是没有’t escape 红牛’注意到队友里卡多(Ricciardo)排在前排,一直保持领先,直到他被刺穿为止。然后是俄罗斯。

克维亚特’s home race was a nightmare. Heading into the first braking zone on lap one lap he clattered into Vettel, triggering a multi-car accident which also spoiled the races of Ricciardo and 红牛 stablemate Sainz. 克维亚特 thne finished Vettel’通过在第四回合将他丢进障碍赛来比赛。比赛几天后,红牛队传来了令人震惊的消息’s Helmut Marko: 克维亚特 was being demoted to 托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso) and 马克斯·维斯塔彭 升职。

This was tough on 克维亚特: as well as taking a blow to his self-esteem he was now lumbered with a much less competitive car and a spirited team mate who had been driving it all season and proceeded to run rings around him. Nonetheless 红牛 showed some continued faith in 克维亚特, keeping him at 托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso) for 2017.


克维亚特’s troubled return to 托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso) continued. Sainz consistently out-scored him and six races before the end of the season 克维亚特 was dropped. Rookie driver 皮埃尔·加斯利 was brought in to replace him, though 托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso) stressed 克维亚特 would remain part of 红牛. He spent 2018 working as Ferrari’s simulator driver.


托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso)再次更改了车手阵容后,车队在要求方面取得了不错的成绩。 Gasly被提升为Red Bull,并且 布伦登·哈特利 lost his drive. New driver Alexander Albon was hired, and to complement the rookie 克维亚特’s was rehired. However at mid-season when 红牛 decided to replace Gasly, it was Albon they called up instead of 克维亚特, despite him having scored 托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso)’在霍根海姆(Hockenheimring)的11年来首次登上领奖台。

Nonetheless 克维亚特 was retained for another season in 2020, when 托罗·罗索(Toro Rosso) rebranded as AlphaTauri.

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